NFL wholesale nfl jerseys is a well-deserved first league in the world

NFL is a well-deserved first league in the world, for decades firmly occupy the throne of the United States, the first of the four major league in the NFL’s annual income in 2008 reached an astonishing 8 billion US dollars, MLB’s baseball output is 6 billion US dollars, NBA Only 4 billion US dollars. Compared to the traditional five European league, NFL is still no one can match, with the “Empire of the Empire,” said the Premier League revenues of 2.4 billion euros (about 3.4 billion US dollars). Despite the market downturn today, the enthusiasm for sports has never been reduced. A cheap NFL jerseys¬†and your hands whining Zula, as well as the passion of the cries, no matter what it can make you piles of pressure to be released. This may be the NFL more than the NBA to become the first in the global league, repeatedly hit one of the reasons sports myth of wealth.

In addition, the star for the well-known jersey brand endorsement will also bring part of the money income. NFL wholesale jerseys cheap to know not only the darling of the fans in the fashion circle can also see their fashion figure. In the United States from racing to golf, there are a variety of sports sponsor participation, but the degree of difference, rugby, basketball, baseball and hockey four major league “commercial” level is low, and the European Football League has A few days before the Manchester United and Chicago from the insurance company “Aon” signed a four-year sponsorship contract, according to British media estimates that the total value of the contract up to $ 131 million in the economic downturn Situation, NFL also encourages teams to cut expenditure, allowing jerseys ad is the first step.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that wholesale jerseys from China, National Football League existing 32 teams, the team are private investment, in accordance with the company mode of operation. The NFL groups each team into their respective federations and sub-divisions. The 32 teams competing for the NFL are divided into two groups: the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference, each with 16 teams divided into four sub-divisions: East, South, West and North. As the most popular sport, the annual NFL Finals (Super Bowl) can attract more than 100 million TV viewers, TV ratings than the MLB and NBA Finals together, but also more than three times, Although the 2008 global financial crisis, but the Super Bowl battle advertising revenue is still reached a record 261 million US dollars.